Thursday, December 4, 2014

Show me your rack...

You've waited so long, you've been so patient. So here it is:


Shoreline, show me your rack. Not that one! I can see that one at the coffee stands. No, show me your bike rack. Is there a local business with a bike rack? Not many. In fact I can literally name every business in this town with a bike rack because those are the business I frequent the most. And even those racks are woefully inadequate.

For example, the Safeway on Aurora Ave. N, does indeed have a bike rack. However, the rack is not at all in any way shape or form, secured to the cement it stands on. Numerous emails and in-person requests have failed to get this issue addressed. Oh and watch out for rats when you lock up there.

There is not a single coffee establishment in Shoreline with a bike rack. Businesses that do enjoy bike business either didn't install them (came with the property) or rely on customers being willing to lock up to a sign. Have you ever made the horrible mistake of locking up to a handicapped sign because it was the only stable place to lock? I have.

Earth forbid you try to eat at a local establishment. You're definately lockig up to a sign now. Or a post of some kind. This pretty much tells every cyclist passing through Shoreline "Your money isn't good enough," you could be willing to spend hundreds in their establishment, your bike could've cost you thousands. But a place to lock up? Pshaw! Your own fault if you didn't have the luxury of buying a folding bike. Oh, and good luck taking that folding bike inside, as the news has so recently shown, someone could call the cops on you. I once went to that little Greek restaurant and grocery by the Goldie Casino and had to lock up by the dumpster. Talk about unappetizing.

With a critical trail running through Shoreline you'd think there would be bike racks and bike parking aplenty. You would be hilariously mistaken. In spite of the hundreds that pass through our fair city, few stop, few would want to stop, and even fewer would endure such elitist treatment. Never mind that lost business, the cyclists who would rather ride to or live in Seattle, Redmond, etc.. than deal with the crap Shoreline throws at them.

But I'm not just going to tell you what's wrong. Besides our just amazingly stupid bike rack design at City Hall which still has not been fixed in spite of numerous attempts to convince them its dumb as fuck,

No, dear reader, I'm going to give you a solution, nay the most simple equation to fix this problem:

For every 5 car spots there needs to be one bike rail. For every 10 parking spots there needs to be a bike rack.

No exceptions.

Its that simple. Businesses don't want to install them? Then those businesses don't get car parking allotted to them. Think your businesses doesn't need bike parking? Ask your employees. Rent your space of business? Demand the property manager install them.

Until there's a bike rack you can kiss off getting my business or getting my recommendation.

Now, show me your rack, baby.

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  1. Hi again. Not stalking, just like to check out new bike blogs when I come across them.
    Hubby & I were just having this discussion about Redmond. Bicycling Capitol of the Northwest, pshhh.

    Spots we frequent:
    Teriyaki, no rack but spots to lock two bikes together and big windows to keep an eye on them.
    Two different burger joints, no racks.
    Three different Mexican places, nada. Oh wait, one of them has a fence around their front patio.
    Frozen yogurt, negative.
    Movie Theater, nope. We lock them to the guardrail of a basement staircase.
    Dentist office, Uh-uh.
    Safeway, Fred Meyer & QFC #1, yes, but small racks that almost always have a couple of bikes already on them.
    The mall, several but they are tiny and in terrible, tucked away spots.
    Chiptole, yes roomy and well designed but only hold a three or four bikes.
    Pediatrician, yes but they're these weird racks that you're supposed to prop your frame up on. I never do, just lock mine and the kid's bike together on it.

    The best bike racks in town:
    Library, long rack with wide spots to get in easily.
    QFC #2, same as library.
    Yeah, I can only think of two.