Sunday, December 11, 2016

How #Bikeschool Saved Christmas

Frost, on the Morning before Christmas day,
Caused huge cracks in Santa's red sleigh
And all eight reindeer came down with a cough
Including the glowing, sweet Rudolph!

Though presents were ready for the the good girls and boys
The disaster was huge, causing great noise
An elf named Martha knew what to do,
her plan would save Christmas, and help Santa too

Out of the workshop came a cargo recumbent bike,
Made by a helpful elf named Mike
"What's this?" asked Santa in dismay
"Its is," said Martha, "Your brand new sleigh,"

Santa looked at his belly in sorrow,
"There's no way I can ride this tomorrow,"
"Don't worry," said Jennifer, one of the elves,
"We have bikes too, to help you ourselves,"
Out of the workshop burst the others,
so many elven sisters and brothers

Two elves came to make the bikes dandy,
I think their names are Rob and Randy,
Santa agreed to give it a try, a test flight
he had to make sure things would go right

Santa found a different magic in his ride,
up he pedaled, so fast, with pride
"Ho ho ho," he laughed so jolly
"this is faster than reindeer, prolly," 

Santa chose his best elves to help pull
In his judgment he was no fool

"On Carrie, on Maratha, on Keith,
"On Lizbon, on Michelle, on Smith,
Lead on Madi and Darrell,"

Across the globe these brave riders flew
delivering toys, but also bikes too
For Santa wanted joy in every heart
and he knew bikes would play a big part

A Christmas miracle nobody foresaw
cars abandoned in the sudden thaw
Dr. Velocipede said Santa shed many a pound
And a sleeker Santa could not be found

Fat bikes bounded through the snow
and every face was all aglow
Through the world rang the cheer
"We should ride every day, all year!"

Back at the workshop it was clear
to reward the elves with tacos and beer!
Out of every Christmas saved, so cool
This one was saved by #bikeschool