Monday, January 19, 2015

New bike and new rides

     Wheeeee! So the new bike arrived, a beautiful little blue folding bike. At first I was a little shaky on it, there's always a bit off nerves riding any new bike, add a dash of nerves for a kind of bike you've never rode, and then destroy it all in the glorious excitement of getting a new bike:
opening the box

looks like I'll need to unwrap it

Ta dah! 

    It doesn't have a name yet, we've only been on a handful of rides together. I'm getting better at folding and unfolding it, some of the awkwardness derives from just being unfamiliar with the concept. Though I have to admit I sleep easier with the bike inside. 
    Unsurprisingly, its a fast little piece of steel, though I was surprised by how much faster at going up a hill than across flat terrain. It could probably go faster if I added gears, but as it is I'm quite content with how fast it is, maybe a little malcontent, after all I'm no racer. 
    I was a little awkward on turns until fellow rider @@Rider_Reilhan (via twitter and amazing blogger) suggested standing on the pedals. I was skeptical, but it gave me back my darting turns (I hate turning with the bar, I prefer to lean and keep pedaling). I've gotten to the point where I'm enjoying standing on the bar and cruising (not at all safe), and ironed my coffeeneuring badge onto my rear cargo bag: 
    I turned my card into a spoke card (I have a laminate machine at my work) and put it on Pinkie Pie, as she is the bike that really earned it. I was worried how we would handle being a three bike household, but as Ben's bike is having break issues, he's riding Pinkie for the time being. Who knows, I might convert him to basket life by the end of it.
   In the meantime, there's been some safety improvements on NE Roosevelt and I'm off to check that out. Oh, and if you want to ride together there's a mass ride next weekend! See you there