Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coffeeneuring Trip #7 and yes, more news!

     Sorry this update is late, the last trip fell on a holiday and I ended up partying, then working, and due to unforeseen circumstances my work has needed more help, and head cold has not cleared. Hooray.
     Anyway! Sunday, November 2nd, I set off on my final coffeeneuring trip. I was sad because it was the last trip, and scattered pumpkin bits still littered the suburban streets. It was however, in good company, as Ben had the day free to join me in my quest for a 'cuppa. After a late start and grey skies we set off. We reached the Interurban Trail letting the natural southern route carry us rather than aiming for speed. 
     I was sad to discover at the end of the Interurban Trail on the Shoreline side, a broken bollard
Fix it any time soon?
 Which is still broken, by the way. Continuing on, I wondered how cycling conditions were holding up. After the joy of Linden Ave. N., a greenway that is a must visit for any city wondering how to do it, I surreptitiously rejoined the trail. Sadly, the Seattle side was less than friendly. Phoenix Security was driving down the trial. I didn't get their plates because at first I thought it was the police, who have every right, I suppose. However, I was enraged that as I passed it was just a rent-a-cop. No doubt there to move along the homeless who frequent the trail.
     Honestly, I cannot feel this is a good solution. I do not currently have a solution, and the city of Seattle is "working on it" which visibly drives the homeless into the outlaying areas instead, and makes it even harder for them to find jobs, and be close to the resources they need. As cyclists we often see the homeless encampments more, and while we often worry about safety and theft, we forget they are people too.
Featured: Imitation bacon
After the trail, however, we turned onto the street calmed 110th street, to Dayton, then Greenwood. Diva Espresso is just past G&O Family Cyclery, which carries beautiful cargo bikes that I stare at, knowing I don't really need a cargo bike, but I think its how car owners look at SUVs. Only without the guilt associated with consuming that much fuel. And really, Diva Espresso is just next to the Greenwood Library, but I don't really register it as its not my own local library. Diva Espresso doesn't really have dedicated bike parking, though there is a rack available. 

Yep, that's adequate parking. 
     I guess they don't feel they get enough bike traffic to justify a rack for their customers in their parking lot. And hey, at least its a bike rail instead of a post. Sadly, humility is not one of my virtues. I honestly felt a bit indigent, I mean, one rail? There were other bikes squeezed around it, in spite of the rain finally splashing down, there was even a parent and kid riding, enjoying the Sunday afternoon. It was, as I said, afternoon, and I couldn't have anymore caffeine since I wake up at 4am for work. So I had a caramel steamer while Ben enjoyed a latte.
It was awesome
    It felt somehow appropriate to end my coffeeneuring with something non-caffeinated, sort of touching my past childhood days where I had a cup of hot chocolate after riding in what constituted an Alaskan fall.

Consumption: the second best part of coffeeneuring
Riding with friends is the best part
The rain started to really come down as we cupped our drinks, we went back inside, deciding that if the weather continued like this we would need serious fuel.

Its a very nice patio though
  Serious fuel acquired, we sat at the quasi-bar at the window, watching people and talking about the podcast we had listened to on our ride. The place was nice, not crowded, the decor a mix of feminine representation.

A cyclist's diet is "oh that looks good"
     Then the conversation moved to what I'd do after coffeeneuring. I told him I didn't really have any challenges coming up, I mean, there's events like Cranksgiving, but nothing else really. Its events like coffeeneuring that remind us cyclists that we're never really alone. Somewhere, be it in England or Mexico, Seattle, or Dubai, there is another cyclist out there. Maybe they're running errands too, or just riding with friends, riding home from work. Its not just in your town that people expect to see a cyclist, its in every town, all over the world. While we only went 10.2 miles (5.1 each way) I sort of got to cycle all over the world. I saw places few have seen, because cyclists make amazing photographers.
     For more on coffeeneuring, stay tuned to Mary's blog and connect to cyclists all over the world. 

Now for news! Alright folks, if you haven't gotten tickets to this Saturday's spectacular, amazing, fun event you are out of luck! Those lucky ticket holders are bidding on some of the most amazing gear, clothes, getaways, and oh-my-gosh! You got tickets, right? Right? Oh you're volunteering? Or want to? There's still time. Maybe. Go, go, go!

And don't forget, Saturday morning you can start the day with a Kidical Mass Candy buy back

Okay, now, in more local news, the Planning Committee will review development regulations for the 185th St. Station, TOMORROW! The meeting is 7-9 at Shoreline City Hall. Light rail. In Shoreline. Let's make this happen! 

Lastly, for all those who followed this blog just for the coffeeneuring challenge, thank you. It was a real pleasure to share my adventure with you and to show you a little bit of my world. Leave the light on steady and ride safe. 

For those sticking around for Shoreline cycling news, and events, I say thank you and officially, welcome! See you at the Gala! 


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