Saturday, September 27, 2014

Inaugural Post

Welcome to the Interurban Cyclist blog! The aim of this blog is promote cycling news, encourage cycling, and to spread the philosophy of inclusiveness. This blog does not believe it should take a small fortune to cycle, that the every day commuter cyclist is just as hardcore as the racer, that infrequent trips by bike are valuable, and that everyone should be able to ride. Ride for the sake of the ride, not the destination.
While located in the Shoreline area, news will branch out to the surrounding Pacific Northwest. However, it would be remiss if there wasn't the occasional post from world-wide events.
The philosophy posts are meant to be a guide, not set in stone, on; how to cycle, cycling culture, cycling impact, and how cycling is impacting social justice. Interurban Cyclist encourages its readers to read other blogs and never get their news from just one source.  

Now, with introductions of the blog out of the way, I'd like to introduce you to myself. Hi, I'm Van Wolf, I'm from Fairbanks, Alaska, and I've rode a bike since I was six years old. I currently reside in Shoreline, which makes me more intimate with the issues in and around North Seattle, but I'm a far ranging cyclist in my off time.

Speaking of far ranging, how about getting to know some of the best cycling trails around the Pacific Northwest? Rebecca Agiewich published a great guide to the most acclaimed trails:

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